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The Portable Tap Floor w/ White Oak Upgrade - Our Loudest, Most Resonant Tap Floor

  • The Perfect Portable Tap Floor with White Oak
  • The Perfect Portable Tap Floor with White Oak
  • The Vinyl Backing - All Colors
55.00 LBS
$30.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

With an additional layer of White Oak flooring added, this is probably the last tap floor you'll ever buy! It's as close to a high quality, dance studio floor as it gets.

With it, tap shoes will never damage your home floors again.

This 30" x 48" floor includes our trademark, shock absorbing foam that virtually pulls the impact of your dancing away from your joints and soft tissues.

The white oak wood is super resilient and resonant allowing full expression of both high and low tap frequencies. You'll express yourself like never before with this incredible tap floor.

Note: Given the durable build, this floor weighs about twice as much as our regular portable tap floor. Use care when transporting - lifting as a pair is recommended. Also, each white oak floor is handmade so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. 

This Video Features the White Oak Floor in Action


Which color vinyl reflects your style?

Black - The black vinyl wrapping gives this tap floor a powerful and serious look. This color is often chosen by those who practice with great care and who strive for perfection. Black is associated with power, elegance, formality; everything dancing should be! Lightweight and easily portable, the Portable Tap Floor is your personal stage anywhere you go!

Dark Green - Dark green is said to promote concentration which for dancers is a must! It is also the color associated with ambition so this is the perfect color for those who strive to learn more and more of their dance style every day.

Gray - The gray vinyl wrapping gives this tap floor a balanced color.  Gray is often chosen by more conservative dancers; those that choose style over flashiness.

Green - The green vinyl wrap on the floor is a natural color of the world and is most often chosen by those that feel that dancing is as natural as breathing. 

Light Blue - Light blue is associated with tranquility, understanding, and softness.  It is the best color choice for dancers that show emotion with their dancing.

Navy Blue - The color navy blue is best for those that have a softness to their dancing but that also have seriousness and focus. 

Purple - The purple vinyl wrapping gives this tap floor a fun and playful look.  Purple is the color of royalty and is often associated with creativity. 

Red - Red is a very emotionally intense color.  It is the color of passion and energy and is often chosen by dancers with the same qualities.

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Ships Within 7 Days of Being Ordered

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