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The Birch Portable Tap Floor - Incredible Sound at a Great Price *NEW*

  • The Birch Portable Tap Floor with my gigantic size 13 tap shoes!
  • I had to experiment with 8 varieties of shock absorbing foam before discovering that this was the best. 

These 9 squares provide the same "spring" as my other vinyl-wrapped floors. Plus, the spaces between each square ensure that your steps ring out with incredible clarity and resonance.
  • The Birch Portable Tap Floor. Great sound at a great price.
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Product Description


This tap floor provides incredible sound quality at an affordable price. The prefinished birch wood surface is the thickest of all of the floors we sell which makes for a very durable and resilient dance surface. 

The dimensions of this floor are 30" x 48".

It boasts an additional square foot of danceable surface area compared to the others since it does not include the vinyl wrap.

Attached to the bottom are 9 shock absorbing foam pads, bonded to the floor with an incredibly strong, heat-resistant adhesive.

The spaces between the foam allow the sounds you make to travel more freely to the ear. 

This foam is so dense that you'll even feel supported dancing on the corners of the floor, yet it is still springy enough to provide the right amount of "give". Our floors pull the impact of your dancing away from your joints and soft tissues.

Note: Variations in the appearance of the floor are a result of natural differences in the wood.

If you want to hear the incredible sound that this floor produces, check out this recent Instagram post of me (Terrence Taps) testing one. 


A video posted by T Taps (@renaissancetapper) on May 11, 2016 at 8:23am PDT

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